Accessories: Big This Fall

by Lori Sciame | July 4th, 2012 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

Thank goodness anyone interested in fashion trends now has access to the vast amount of information available on the Internet on the subject. After doing some research on what will be big this fall in accessories, I learned that they will be just that – BIG…in size that is! Read on for an overview on what will be hot once the temperature begins to drop across the US.

Continuing the trend of the bigger the better, purses continue to grow in size.  Maybe it’s due to the fact that airlines now charge for baggage, or maybe it’s because women want to carry their tablets and computers in style, but handbags will come in larger proportions this fall.  As seen during New York Fashion Week, bags will always be a hot accessory, and cheap knock offs will be available for purchase.

Maybe you can afford a classy Celine handbag made of black leather and gold accents at $2,300?  It is a great looking bag, and at 13″ x 15″ it can hold a lot.  If not, check out the bucket bag from  Liz Claiborne at JC Penney’s, almost the same dimensions and a similar look for $90.00.  The good thing – although we all may not be able to purchase the finest available, but we can still afford what’s trendy!

In addition to huge purses, be on the look out for huge necklaces.  I don’t mean chunky or even heavy…I mean gargantuan.  If what graced models of top designers comes to fruition, ladies across the country will be donning necklaces as big as collars.  Yes, you read that correctly. These pieces make spiked collars look tame!

Already this summer, Charming Charlie has jumped on the trend by offering the Crystal Spiked Linear Necklace for $9.97.  What do you think about this description from their website? “Dangling long and proud from this metal chain are spikes like you’ve never seen! Each metal spike dangles below a faceted crystal in a great jewel tone. This will be a great statement necklace to wear over a crew neck shirt in a solid color. Pair it with a casual outfit for a fun look!”  Who knows how big the necklaces will be that retailers will have in stores for us this fall.

In the past, large jewelry adorned only a fuller figure woman.  Maybe you heard this rule before?  “The larger your frame, the larger your jewelry should be to compensate.”  This old adage has gone out the window, as all women can now wear chunky necklaces, and if she does, she will be a trend setter.

Although I love the summer sun, fashion trends always seem to heat up in the fall.  2012 promises to be the season where the big news really is BIG!  Because of this, stock up on larger jewelry pieces, and plan to invest in one, two, or even three huge handbags.  If you do, you will be on the cutting edge of fashion.

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