Accessories for Cool Summer Fun

by Lori Sciame | July 11th, 2014 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

floppy hat (400x400)Summer fun lies ahead.  There are weddings, festivals, concerts, and other exciting events to attend.  But, how do we look our best, when heat and humidity causes our regularly crisp look to wilt?  Depend on fashion accessories, of course!

Loosely defined, fashion accessories are items that can be worn or carried. These specially selected pieces work to enhance one’s appearance.  They take a boring outfit, and transform it into one to be noticed.  Try one of the following accessories below.  They won’t increase your body temperature, plus they will step up your look a few notches.

Open Cuff Bracelets

One of today’s hottest accessories can make you sweat – literally.  The chunky bracelet, although super cute, can weigh you down on hot days. Instead, choose open cuff bracelets for an airy look AND feel.

These delicate bracelets come in a variety of styles.  I love Charming Charlie’s Fireball Fab Cuff Bracelet in either yellow gold or rose gold.  For only $8, this accessory will give your outfit an explosion of style with its tiny rhinestone disco balls.  Check it out here.

Sun Blocking Hats

Hats have taken summer 2014 by storm.  No matter which version you choose, you will be the epitome of style.

If you want to keep cool, however, don a floppy hat.  They keep the sun’s rays at bay, and if you choose an open weave style, the crown of your head won’t heat up either.

Today’s floppy hats have been beautifully updated with daring colors and unique patterns.  Click here to see Charming Charlie’s Sunny Days Floppy Hat.  (You’ll love the color combo!)

Lighter Than Air Necklaces

Statement necklaces make a bold fashion proclamation; however, on a hot summer day, they can also feel weighty.

There are other cute choices, including floating necklaces, as well as fine chain necklaces accented with tiny charms.  Imagine several bold colored beads positioned perfectly on a see through “line.”  They add just the right splash of color.  Or, how about a tiny bumble bee charm on a barely there gold chain?  Both styles add flair without causing discomfort.

Pretty Parasols

When shopping at a farmer’s market or when viewing art in an open air setting, the heat from the sun can be wicked.  One sure fire way to block those piercing rays (while looking as if you are a style maven) is by using a parasol.

Parasol styles look nothing like those used by “southern belles” in years past.  Instead, they come in bold colors, sans the ruffles.  The also come in different shapes including round, square, and scalloped.

I love Luna Bazaar’s parasols!  This company features dozens of styles, both formal and informal.  They are so reasonably priced that one  can afford several.  Follow this link to their web site.

Hair Ties to the Rescue

A woman can also keep cool by styling her hair in an up do.  Hair accessories can make even a simple pony tail look chic; therefore, invest in multi-colored hair ties and head bands to beat the heat.


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