Accessories to Buy Now

by Lori Sciame | March 2nd, 2012 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

Hurry, stock up on winter accessories while end of season sales offer cool savings on hot items. Great deals can be found on scarves, hats, gloves, holiday jewelry, and belts. Don’t wait, stores will be removing remaining winter accessories soon.

Scarves – With prices so low, as much as 75% off in some cases, buy scarves now to use next fall and winter. You can never go wrong with knit scarves in basic colors, such as navy, white, and black. Patterned scarves are also on sale, including those with fall colors. Remember, a woman can’t have too many scarves to use for accents on basic sweaters and blouses. Some scarves also make cute shoulder covers for summer dresses.

Hats – Last year’s summer hats and this season’s winter hats can be bought for a fraction of their original price at this time of year. If you’ve been leery of purchasing a hat, buy now when prices are so low. If you end up not liking yourself in that fedora you’ve had your eye on all winter, you won’t be out a lot of cash. Also, invest in a skull cap if you haven’t already. This little accessory will remain hot for a while.

Gloves – Just like scarves, gloves will come in handy next winter. Opt for basic colors. You may even wish to buy gloves to use as stocking stuffers for Christmas, or consider donating a few pairs to the homeless shelter in the fall of 2012 when temperatures begin to drop. Now is also the time to invest in high quality leather gloves to wear on special occasions with your dress coats.

Jewelry – Don’t overlook theme jewelry. Dainty snowflake necklaces and earrings, as well as flashy New Year’s Eve statement pieces, can be purchased for pennies on the dollar. Buy a few pieces of theme jewelry and pack them away with your winter garments. It will be like you’ve given yourself an early holiday present next season when you take them out of storage. Also, merchants usually discount crosses this time of year. Because of this, you may want to purchase a few if you have a First Communion or a Confirmation Ceremony to attend in the near future.

Belts – Furry belts, bejeweled belts, shiny patent belts…all accessorize a winter ensemble with bit of pizzazz. Thank goodness styles don’t change that much year to year, so if you purchase a few belts this winter, you will still be in style next fall. For added inspiration, take a look at what belts your favorite celebrities currently use, and purchase a few of the same type.

Accessories shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to fashion, especially when they are on clearance. Winter accessories – scarves, hats, gloves, holiday jewelry, belts – are flying off the shelves due to deep discounts. Purchase some of these items for yourself, or plan to use them as gifts. But hurry, buy before some other savvy shopper gets to them before you do!

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