Accessory Essentials: Sunglasses

by Sam P. | May 19th, 2015 | Essentials, Teen Fashion

sunglasses on girl (400x400)With summer approaching we need to protect our eyes.  The perfect way to do that is with a pair of cute and cheap sunnies.  Sunglasses have become more and more expensive over the past few years.  I understand the want for name brand products, believe me we all have it, but for most products it isn’t worth it.  Some of the best sunglasses I have found were five bucks at Delia’s or TJ Maxx.  The only issue is the sunglasses do not always have UV protection.

UV protection is the one thing I will splurge on for sunglasses.  Protecting your eyes should be number one on your list of important things to do.  Many stores like TJ Maxx and Delia’s try to make sure their sunglasses have UV protection in them to protect your eyes.  They have all different types, and all for pretty cheap.  I can honestly say I have never spent more than ten or fifteen dollars on a pair on sunglasses.

Once you get past price and UV protection there is still the big issue of what shape works best for your face.  I have a more narrow and small oval face and I find more square lenses or smaller lenses look better.  An aviator like shape is flattering on faces like mine, as are more square lenses.  If you have a larger face or a rounder face angular sunglasses are more flattering.  For heart shaped faces, glasses with rounded edges are flattering, like aviators.   For square faces go with rounder sunglasses.  Oversized sunglasses look great on long faces.

I love patterned sunglasses.  I had a pair of angular ones with a floral print on them and I loved them.  Unfortunately, I left them somewhere and have not seen them in weeks.  Don’t be afraid to go crazy with sunglasses.  They are such a small part of your outfit, but they can add so much statement.  They can really make or break an outfit.  A girl, or guy, always needs a good pair of sturdy black sunglasses, but don’t be afraid to be experimental with your sunglasses and get some crazy colors or shapes.  The reference above is just that, a reference.  Just because square glasses are suggested for round faces doesn’t mean that is the only type of sunglasses you can wear.  I once found a pair of incredibly cute heart shaped sunglasses that looked fabulous and I have always regretted not buying them.

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