Active Wear for the Hot Summer Heat

by Sam P. | June 16th, 2015 | Athletic Wear, Teen Fashion

teen girl (400x400)We all love the summer, the beach, ice cream, just being outside all the time.  It’s great.  And we all want that perfect summer body, but it is just way too hot out to work out, right?  Wrong.  Sure you can get a gym membership and work out in the air conditioning, but you will sweat way more outside in the heat.  Yes, sweating is gross, but it also means you’re losing weight.  Now, some of it is just water weight, but some of it is also fat.

I totally understand that you want to stay as cool as possible in the summer, and a lot of it comes down to what you wear.  For starters, wear light colors.  Dark colors retain the sunlight instead of deflecting it, making you even hotter.  Try to wear as much cotton as possible.  It is the most breathable fabric there is, and your skin will thank you.  Try to avoid wearing too much spandex since your skin cannot breathe in it.

As for your bottoms, spandex is acceptable as long as you take it off ASAP.  It can easily cause a yeast infection since it creates a damp, warm environment where the bacteria you sweat out thrives.  If you must wear spandex, wear just spandex.  Don’t wear shorts over them so you have less layers on.  If you do want to wear shorts working out, try to avoid wearing spandex under them.  Keeping cool in the summer is all about wearing as few layers as possible.  Personally, I love Nike Pros, but they can be expensive.  If I am wearing just shorts I like Soffe.  They are light and comfortable, yet snug enough that you don’t run as much of a risk of flashing anyone.  If you are going to be doing workouts with lots of bending in which you may do so, I suggest going with just spandex.

Another tip for your feminine hygiene when working out in the hot summer heat is to never wear a thong when working out.  I personally tend to not wear underwear with spandex as I find it more comfortable, but I do with regular shorts if I do not wear spandex, obviously.  But never a thong.  Yes they are great for not getting panty lines, but they can wreak havoc on your system.  Just like leaving spandex on for too long after sweating a lot, a thong creates almost a funnel around your feminine area.  When you sweat, all your toxins and bacteria are sweat out and a thong creates a straight highway to the area you do not want it heading to.  Any bacteria from your backside may also be moved down to there by wearing a thong while working out creating more infections.

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