Adding Personality to Your Home – Part 2

by Jaclyn Abergas | August 4th, 2011 | Home Shopping

Have you started adding small touches of your personality to your apartment? I recently bought a cork board attached to a wooden frame. I initially wanted to use it as a place to pin my to-do lists. But, since I use different colored ones with different designs for my post-its, it now looks like a personalized mini-poster that doubles as a bulletin board! I can’t wait to discover my next big (small) find!

So what else can you do to add more personality to your space?

Go Bold

Okay, this is a strong statement, no longer small. Go bold and do one big thing. You can buy a big, orange sectional sofa. You can buy a big entertainment center that takes up an entire wall. Or, like me on a budget, paint an entire wall a solid, bold color, like red, blue, or green, a color that stands out in the entire room. You can choose not to put any furniture in front of it or hang frames on it. Or you could make it your personal spot and place your comfiest chair against it, creating a reading nook.


Be sure to research the best things that will fit your space. Determine your needs, the physical dimensions of your space, limitations and allowances. Don’t attempt to put in something so big, it won’t literally fit in your place. Or you may want to paint your wall, but not a color so bright, it keeps you up at night, every night. Do your research, and plan before you do anything drastic. It is supposed to represent your personality.

Be Spontaneous

Sometimes, you just have to be spontaneous. Even when you think something won’t work, but if your instincts say it will, you have to follow your instinct. Sometimes when you say you’ll make it work, you can actually make it work.

What other suggestions do you have for adding personality to your space?

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