Aeropostale Camis on Clearance

by Donella Crigger | October 21st, 2013 | Bargains of the Week

camisCamisoles are a staple in any woman’s wardrobe. Thankfully, they’re not the fussy, lacy things that they used to be. Now, most of them are comfortable and designed for everyday wear. If you’re in need of some new cami’s to go with your work wardrobe or even your casual wardrobe, you’re in luck. Aeropostale is having a clearance sale on their tanks and cami’s. With the promotional code ‘EXTRA30’, you’ll get an additional 30% off clearance items. The cami’s listed at $4.99 are $3.49 with the promo code, and shipping is a flat rate of $7. It won’t be worthwhile if you just need one cami because of the shipping cost, but if you order several, it’s a steal. If you’re not a camisole convert, read some of the ways a cami can improve your look below.


Camisoles that are made out of soft, stretchy fabric can be very slimming. They smooth out your silhouette under your clothes, which is especially helpful if you’re trying to hide a few pounds. With a cami underneath your top, you’ll have a slimmer, more polished look.

Visual Interest

Especially with regard to work wardrobes, camisoles can lend some visual interest to otherwise neutral or dark colors. Camisoles offer a pop of color both at the neckline and below the hem of your shirt or blazer. This adds interest without being over the top in a conservative work environment.


I personally like camisoles because I prefer to dress modestly, and the cami’s make some of the trendier clothes more wearable for me. They provide additional coverage of the chest and the lower back, especially when bending over. This, too, is especially helpful at work to help you avoid constantly clutching your neckline or grabbing the back of your top whenever you need to bend over.


Of course, camisoles are wonderful for layering during the chilly months. They add an extra layer of warmth and can provide a comfortable layer against some of those itchy sweaters. Wearing a cami will allow you to take off layers, too, as you’ll inevitably find yourself somewhere the heat is set too high.

Having several camisoles in different colors, patterns and textures can be an affordable way to enhance your wardrobe. They’re multipurpose for day wear, evening wear, and can even be worn comfortable with pajamas at bedtime. Few other pieces of clothing are as versatile as the cami!

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