After Christmas Deals – Kid’s Clothing

by T Akery | January 5th, 2012 | Kids' Shopping

The weeks after Christmas are known for clearance and half-price sales on many holiday items, and sometimes, those deals are applied to children’s clothing. So, now is a good time to go and look for those items that you need to finish out the school year.

Everywhere stores are offering discounts in an attempt to boost their end of the year sales. Nowhere is this more evident than in clothing stores where 50% or more sales are going on. This means that you can snag some quality pieces of clothing for a fraction of the price. Combine these prices with store emailed coupons and mailed coupons, and you can get a real bargain.

The real trick here is to be very choosy of the children’s clothing that you select. Because you are shopping at a clothing store, the prices can be a little higher than the Salvation Army or a consignment shop. So, you want to pick high quality pieces that you can easily mix and match that are still marked down.

Head straight to the discounted racks and ignore the ones that don’t advertise a sales price. It may require you flipping through a few sections to find those pieces. If the tag doesn’t say the discounted price, then always double check at the register before you buy. Otherwise, you might find yourself paying more than you wanted to.

Make sure to check the sizes on the clothing rather than go by what is on the hanger. This way you know exactly what size you are getting. If you aren’t sure whether the pants will fit your child’s waist line, have them try them on or go for the adjustable  waistbands.

Finally, keep the receipt. While some clearance items may be final, you probably have other items that can be returned if they don’t quite meet expectations. At the very least, you will get store credit that can be used for other clothing.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the after-holiday sales. They aren’t just for holiday items. You can also pick up some children’s clothing at a really good price.



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