An Ode to the Little Things

by Jacob Parzych | October 2nd, 2013 | Men's Shopping

bright shoelacesAs they saying goes, “Good things come in small packages.”  This stands true for fashion, where some of the smallest details can be key pieces to an outfit.  Big, flashy pieces of an outfit can make you stand out, but small details can provide discrete style.  Being the person that everyone looks at is even good, but it is even better to be subdued and stylish, yet possessing a flash of flair.  In order to pull off the look, here are a couple small details that you can go after (listed from the feet up).

  • Your shoelaces can always be stepped up.  While it may sound foreign at first, a good pair of colorful shoelaces will help you stick out without making you look gaudy.  In particular, I am a fan of orange, red, and blue shoelaces.  All three of these colors can be matched to parts of your outfit, and are bright enough to stand out.  Finding a pair of shoes with colored soles and laces is even better, like these boat shoes from Sperry.  Not glaringly flashy, but still fun.
  • Socks are the next piece of the game that you can play with.  No matter what you are wearing, socks can be fun.  What is the fun in plain white or black socks?  There isn’t any.  On the other hand, argyle, striped, and polka-dot socks are always fun.  If you are really good about it, you can match the socks with your shoe laces and have some fun.  (See where I’m going with this?)
  • Now, take a look at your belt.  This is really limited to casual situations, but in the right outfit, a fun belt plays.  If you don’t mind looking a little preppy, a striped canvas belt is fun and still works with a lot of outfits.  At the same time, a fun belt is not recommended if you’re trying to look good for a formal event.
  • Next, you should just go buy some pocket squares.  Don’t question me, just buy them.  Once you have them, wear one anytime you wear a blazer.  It may seem weird at first, but you’ll realize that it works after you start wearing them.  People will comment on them (especially if they are fun colors).  You can even match them to your socks or shirt…
  • Wear fun ties and wear them a lot.  There is nothing that can start a conversation like a fun tie.  I’m not saying a dorky tie, but just something fun, with colors.  Or, even better, go with a bow tie.  Oh yes, a bow tie.  Bow ties are unique, fun, and get attention.  When it comes to bow ties, you don’t need to be brightly colored.  A subdued bow tie will get just as much attention.

The little things make the outfit, not the big items.  If you have a subdued outfit, step it up the little details.  If nothing else, they start conversation.  In the end, isn’t that the point of dressing well?

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