Anything but Boring Bracelets

by Lori Sciame | September 25th, 2013 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

pretty braceletIn my search for the best bracelets for fall of 2013, I found two companies that delivered.  New to the jewelry game, Deepa Gurnani, has exotic bracelet styles to complement both day and evening wear, while accessories giant, Pandora, continues to delight with charm bracelets for every woman’s taste. Because of the delicate nature of the wrist, adorning it with jewelry has been a custom for centuries. This season, Gurnani and Pandora know what women want: quality bracelets that help a woman express her individuality while accenting her beautiful wrist.

Deepa Gurnani

A native of India, Gurnani studied fashion in London where well-known designers made use of her exceptional talent for beading.  Currently, she oversees a design house that features hand beaded accessories.  Her latest foray into the accessories world is jewelry, including bold, beautiful bracelets.

Although Gurnami bracelets can cost hundreds of dollars, if one searches hard enough, she can find one at a great price.  For instance, check out her spiked bracelet in black and bright blue on SHOPBOP.  According to the description, “this spiked bracelet adds an easy glam-rock hit to any look with a playful, mixed-metal treatment and tiny crystals.”  The best part? The price of $26.40 is a steal!

Some readers may find this spiked bracelet too edgy.  If a woman is searching for a more docile, yet still alluring wrist accessory, Gurnani’s cuff bracelet in fall colors will be sure to please.  Available on YOOX.com for $98, this elegant bracelet has intricate beading that includes plenty of color – blue, orange, tan – plus a few flashy rhinestones. It is so versatile, that it can take a woman straight from work to a night out with friends.


Founded in Denmark in 1982, Pandora has won the heart of women in 70 countries the world over with its version of the classic charm bracelet.  Women love this company, because it offers approximately 600 themed charms for reasonable prices.

Want to give your best friend a special birthday gift?  Consider a Pandora charm bracelet complete with her first “freinds” charm.  Or maybe it’s your own 5oth birthday, and you want a special commemoration. A charm that looks like a tiny gift may be just the item you’re looking for.

Another bonus with the Pandora bracelet is that their charms do not lock into place.  They can be added, moved, and re-arranged easily. This freedom allows for fluid creative expression previously unavailable in charm bracelets.

For fall of 2013, Pandora is offering charms in gold, silver, enamel, glass, and even pave.  Click here to look at some of their dazzling bracelets and charms.

Instead of relying on boring bangles this fall, give a new type of bracelet a try.  The Gurnani versions, which boast colorful and intricate beading, will please most women, while the Pandora charm bracelet fulfills a woman’s wish to document the special times of her life, as well as her passions.  You are an individual; why not try bracelets that let you be just that?





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