Artistic Inspirations

by Lori Sciame | March 7th, 2014 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

fan (400x400)A fashionable woman always seeks out the new and different. Not satisfied with over-used and tired accessories, she opts instead for the fresh and exciting.  Spring 2014 won’t disappoint her, as designers have created artful accessories that are both utilitarian and beautiful.

Two examples of artsy items that serve a specific purpose, but look handsome while doing so, are the parasol and the hand fan.

The Perfect Parasol

While the sun’s rays may feel good on bare skin after a long winter, they can also cause irreversible damage.  One smart accessory helps to prevent the discoloration and wrinkles caused by too much sun while still looking charming: the parasol.

While some may think the parasol to be old fashioned, it is anything but dated.  For instance Penelope Parasols, which are made of expensive woods and gorgeous silk fabrics, have been steadily gaining in popularity.  This brand can be expensive, $189 or more, yet other brands can be purchased for considerably less.

Check out this striking version by Luna Bazaar.  The delicate scalloped edges of this cotton lace parasol, coupled with its dazzling red color, will be sure to make any woman feel gorgeous.

Their Balinese Festival Parasol will also delight.  In bright fuchsia and adorned with sweet fringe, this parasol certainly looks as if it could be a valued piece of art; however, for only $79, many can afford one.  Take along this adorable parasol when strolling the local farmer’s market or when attending an outdoor wedding. People will wonder if you’re a novelist or a painter!

Luna Bazaar also showcases many budget conscious versions of the parasol.  For instance, one can purchase a round, 32 inch, paper parasol in a variety of pretty pastel colors for only $7.95.  They also have a striking patterned square parasol in several delicious colors.  How does mango orange or plum purple sound?  Click here to see a sample.

Sweet Hand Fans

The warmth of spring, which turns into the heat of summer, can cause any woman to wilt while attending an outdoor function.  To combat perspiration with  an accessory that many consider to be an art form, purchase one or more hand fans.

Basically, hand fans come in two styles: the paddle and the folding half circle. They can be made of paper, lace, wood, and fabric.  Which style a woman chooses depends both on her taste and on her pocketbook.

For approximately $100, one can purchase an intricate gold fan from My Hand Fan for those elegant evening affairs.  This lightweight fan helps one keep cool while looking every bit the mysterious art lover.  Follow this link to see this beauty.

Luna Bazaar has hand fans for a fraction of that price.  Choose from perky solid colors to fascinating printed versions.  They run approximately $2 and up.  They have fans suitable for any occasion, from a cocktail party on a friend’s terrace to an art gallery opening.  Interested?  Click here.


The parasol and the hand fan are two accessories a woman with fashion sense should experiment with this spring.  They look artsy, and they each perform an important task.


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