Avoid Cookie Cutter Office Attire

by Lori Sciame | July 24th, 2014 | Office Wear, Women's Fashion

woman officewearSome jobs require employees to dress exactly alike.  For instance, flight attendants at several large airlines, front desk clerks at many chain hotels, and even store associates at a few big box stores must dress like the rest of the “team.”   Similarly, most professional offices have policies concerning proper dress while at work; however, in most white collar businesses, a woman does not have to dress exactly like her co-workers.

Of course a woman should still purchase accepted work wardrobe pieces, like skirts, dress slacks and blazers, as she doesn’t want to stand out in a negative way, but she should also still strive to let her individuality shine through.  Here’s how to avoid being an exact copy of your co-workers while still honoring your office’s dress code.

Add sassy accessories to a work outfit to provide needed pizazz.  For instance, a statement necklace can certainly dress up a plain shell, as can a colorful scarf.  Other accessories that can change an office wardrobe from being viewed as “cookie cutter” to being fabulous include: skinny belts, chunky bracelets, lapel pins, shoe clips, patterned tights, and chic clutches.

Here’s just one example from Forever 21 of an eye-catching statement necklace – one that can add a bit of fun to a normally staid work outfit.

Purchase key office essentials with unexpected details.  One example of a current detail:  tiny pleats on a button down shirt.  Another example of an up to the minute addition is an A line skirt with a flirty kick pleat.  While seemingly minor, these details actually add a whole new dimension to a woman’s wardrobe.  (She’s seen as someone who truly cares about the small things!)

I love this pretty sleeveless blouse from K Mart.  The pleats add an extra level of sophistication, and it comes in two scrumptious colors: flamingo and blue light.

Take advantage of appropriate trends to look your best.  I don’t recommend wearing a belly shirt under a suit jacket or donning a pair of shredded jeans for casual Friday, but that doesn’t mean that a professional woman should shy away from all clothing trends.  In fact, to avoid being seen as “boring,” it’s a good idea to infuse a work wardrobe with several new pieces.

For instance, K-Mart has jumped on board the color block trend.  For under $15, you can purchase a white and black button down dress shirt.  Follow this link to see this shirt.  It would certainly help to add some sizzle to any work wardrobe.

Always remember to pay attention to what you wear on your feet.  For years, the only acceptable footwear for women to wear to work in a office setting were low-heeled pumps, usually in black, navy, or brown.  If you still find yourself gravitating towards only this style of work footwear, then it may be time to update your look.

There are so many ways to include a little “kick” in your step.  Follow this link to some inexpensive, but still awesome, shoes for work from Payless.





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