Baby Has Everything!

by Lori Sciame | June 27th, 2011 | Kids' Shopping

I recently became a Godmother for the first time. I am so excited! A new baby to love…and to buy presents for. Since my own children are 20, 18, and 13, I welcome the chance to shop for a little one; however, there is one drawback. This beautiful baby has everything!

Anna is one lucky girl. She has parents who have the means to buy her necessities and then some, and she has aunts who are excited to spoil her, as well as a large extended network of family and friends who are chomping at the bit to spoil her as well. Wow! What a problem to have, right?

Maybe you know a baby in a similar situation? I think I will be an awesome Godmother, but I also want to buy her presents that will be used, and or valued. I’ve thought a lot about it, and the following are strategies I plan to employ. Maybe you can use a few of them as well.

1. Personalize

I learned this trick a long time ago. If you personalize gifts with the child’s name or initials, the end result is always positive. Ideas include: personalized story books, initialed blankets, and small wooden chairs with baby’s name on the back. Of course, as the child grows, you can keep the tradition going with personalized religious, music, dance items and/or elegant stationery. (Yes, it is still good manners to send snail mail once in a while!)

2.  Educational Toys

You might not think it’s fun to buy educational toys, but it is!  Great examples are: books, wooden blocks, stacking cups, and soft dolls with buttons, snaps and zippers. Believe me; these types of toys will keep a child interested, while at the same time teaching them valuable skills.

3. Theme Clothes

What I mean here is that although baby may be getting tons of cute outfits, has anyone thought of buying a patriotic sun dress or a short set for the 4th of July or a tutu for the toddler to wear while dancing? Also, you may want to snap up costumes after Halloween, and give older child four or five costumes in a “trunk” together with shoes, hats, gloves, scarves, and similar items so he/she can play dress up.

4. Collectibles

You can consult with the baby’s mom and/or dad to establish a collection for baby. Since I am now Anna’s Godmother, I plan to ask if I can begin an angel collection for her. In addition, stores such as Hallmark have great ideas for beginning collections.  Collections do not have to cost a lot of money either. My son has a collection of arrowheads that his grandfather found…what a great investment in history, as well as a great memory of grandpa.

5. Donations

If the baby you love truly has everything, maybe you want to consider a donation to a worthy agency in his or her name. Since Anna’s grandmother died at a young age from cancer, I plan to give the American Cancer Society in her name.

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