Back to School, 2014 Style

by Sam P. | January 7th, 2014 | Teen Fashion, Women's Fashion

teens (1280x1154)Make a big splash when you go back to school this year.  Celebrate 2014 with bold prints, leather pants, tube scarfs, and bright colors.  Walk into school and turn heads so fast that necks will break.  Everyone will want to know “Where did you get your pants?” and “I love your top, where is it from?”

There are many necessities, like leather pants, printed leggings, bright patterned tube scarfs, chiffon blouses, and thick sweaters.  You can take these looks from punk rock, to feminine and chic to anywhere in between.  Take my outfits provided below, and add your own personal spin on it!

  • For a tough girl look you definitely need leather pants or leggings.  Match them with a black or gray chiffon blouse black or gray ankle booties will complete the look.  To block out the wind chill add a black bomber jacket or peacoat.  Finalize it all with large statement jewelry.  Pull your hair back in a sleek ponytail and you’re done!
  • Wear the printed leggings of your choice with an oversized comfy sweater to look cute and still abide dress code.  Be sure that the sweater is one solid color if the leggings are patterned.  If the leggings are a solid color wear a patterned or graphic sweater.  Tube scarfs can work nicely with this look.  Wear Uggs or “riding boots” to keep your toesies warm.  Keep your hair all natural for a comfy, easy look.
  • Tribal leggings look great with tunics, black and white tribal print always looks great with army green.  Add a touch of leather on the tunic to take the look to the next level.  Large golden necklaces and chandelier earrings will pull everything together. Black ankle booties or Doc Martens will be the finishing touch to this stunning look.  Sleek curls in a half up half down style hair perfectly.
  • For a girlier look, wear knit tights and a pleated leather skirt with a comfy sweater.  For a bolder look wear printed tights and a bright sweater.  If your skirt is high waisted, like mine, tuck your sweater in for a great waistline.  If you are tucking your sweater in make sure it is thinner so you don’t look bulky on your upper half.  A simple chain necklace will  look quite chic.  Wear Doc Martens for an edgier vibe, or heeled booties for a more feminine look.  Sleek, body-full, down hair will look good with whatever way you take this look.

Always remember that every look needs your own personal spin on it.  Wear your favorite prints or colors for the most flattering look.

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