Back to School Bargains

by Michele | September 25th, 2008 | Kids' Shopping, Sales

The heat of summer fades, the days become shorter, and one can hear the jubilant cries of parents and whines of children.  What do all of these things mean?  School has begun!

Of course, with the return of school comes the back to school shopping trip. If you are the lucky parent of a preschooler or lower elementary student, you can shop wherever the bargains are.  However, if you are the parent of any child the age of 10 or older, you know how difficult back to school shopping can be.

The other weekend, my husband and I took two of our children to a local mall to purchase new clothes for this school year.  As these two are 10 and 12, they had their own ideas of what their new wardrobes should look like.  While we, as parents, recognize the importance of being “cool”, we also recognize the importance of not being over-indulgent.  So, we explained that the price limits with which we were comfortable but started our shopping in the stores the kids deemed in style.  We decided it was better for them to see pricetags there and then shop at more reasonably priced stores.  Otherwise, we would hear, “There might be a sale at Cool Store A.”

So, with this thought in mind, we entered Cool Store A.  At this store, we found no clothings items for either child due to a lack of sizes and styles.  When we entered Cool Store B, each child found 1 item reasonably priced in the clearance section.  Each also found a non-sale item, which were the “splurge” items.  (See our sister site, Your Parenting Info, to read why we bought these items.)

Next, we went to Cool Store C, and there we hit the shopping jackpot!  Almost every item in this store was on sale!  Both of the kids found numerous clothing items to stock their wardrobe. The kids were pleased with their trendy clothing items, and we were pleased with the excellent prices.

When our next shopping season arrives, we will follow this same shopping plan.  The kids understand our spending regimen but also understand that we are willing to dedicate an afternoon to finding clothing that pleases their senses of style and our budgets.

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