Back to School Essentials

by Sam P. | July 28th, 2016 | Essentials, Teen Fashion

teen (400x400)As school, unfortunately, comes rounding around the corner we must prepare our closets for it.  This means parting our ways with our ever lovable short shorts and crop tops, and saying hello to jeans and full length shirts.  There are several things this fall that I find to be an essential, some just basic things that a girl always needs, others a new trend that will be incredibly loveable.

Every girl needs her basic cami system.  At least two white, black, and gray ones, along with a few patterned ones, and a few colored ones.  These tend to be the base of your outfit.  If you dislike camis, I suggest getting bandeau’s and tank tops.  You can wear tank tops just about interchangeably with camis, and you can wear a bandeau under a shirt you find to be too thin, or under a shirt you find to be too low cut.

As for pants, you need at least three pairs of jeans.  Choose two that are of a lighter wash, and one that is a darker wash.  If you want, have one of the lighter washed jeans have some wear and tear to them, with ripping and fading placed strategically down the legs.  Two more pairs of jeans is preferable, a pair of high-waisted jeans, and a pair of colored jeans always come in handy.  Leggings are another thing you need to have.  Two pairs of basic black leggings are important, and if you choose to buy more in colors or patterns feel free to do so as you will probably wear them a lot.  Yoga pants are also important.  A pair or two of black ones will be your life saver on lazy days.  (Word to the wise on the leggings and yoga pants, make sure you buy thick ones.  Always do the bend over check, if you can bend over and still not see through them, you are all set.  If you can see through them, find a thicker pair.)  Palazzo pants are a new necessity this season.  They are tight on your waist, then flow out on you legs, and sometimes cinch back together on your ankles.  Not only can they be found in some incredibly cute patterns, they are insanely comfy.  I most definitely recommend getting a pair.

Sweat pants are not necessarily a necessity, but they are very helpful.  A pair of baggy over sized sweat pants will bring you a lot of happiness during the school year.  Another item that is not necessary to have, but I would suggest getting is a jean jacket.  You can wear it over a dress or tank top you love in the summer, but can’t wear to school on its own, and the top has now become dress code appropriate.  Another thing I may suggest is a go-to sweater.  A girl should always have a comfy sweater they love that embraces who they really are.  Make sure it is versatile so it can be worn over jeans, leggings, or anything else you wear a lot.  One last important item of clothing is a school appropriate dress or skirt you can wear when you are feeling like you want to dress up.  Find one that you can wear with all sorts of things, so that you can wear it multiple ways.

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