Back to School Shopping Guide 2012

by Mackenzie M. | August 22nd, 2012 | Men's Shopping

As hard as it may be to believe, the fall 2012 school term is already upon many students across North America. With only a few days or weeks left until the first day, the time to buy back to school clothes is dwindling. However, with a little creativity and research, there is still plenty of time left to find a new back to school outfit, even at discounted prices.

In this article I will offer many suggestions for great places to find back to school clothes for guys, but the best deals are always found through exploring stores and online shops. There are plenty of deals out there on some of the most fashionable items.

Many of the same fashions for this fall are nearly identical to the fashions of last fall. Chino shorts, paired with button downs or plain-colored tee shirts are still the trend. Bold colors and “mismatching” are definitely still all part of the look. This being said, one does not have to go to the designer stores at the mall to achieve this look.

For example, I usually paid up to $75 per pair of shorts at J. Crew. This year, however, I decided to look around at Kohl’s just for fun, and I ended up finding identical shorts for only $11. Also, Kohl’s offered plenty of button-up shirts in the latest designs for under $15. These items were all on sale as part of their big clearance campaign. Keep in mind that Kohl’s does have some outdated clothing, even in the new arrivals racks, so a little digging is usually necessary.

Outlet malls are also one of the best places to start looking for men’s clothes this fall. The rush of the summer is over, so stock may be slightly limited, but a few weeks into September most outlet malls usually receive shipments to replenish their stock. As not many people shop in September and October, this is the best time to get great deals on designer clothes.

For instance, last year I made a trip to the outlet mall in Gulfport, Mississippi. Aside for a Gap and Polo outlet store, they also had a large J. Crew and Sperry outlet stores. Brand new Sperry’s were anywhere from $20 to $50, which is half their normal price. The J. Crew outlet store offered shirts at nearly ¼ of their original retail value.

If an outlet mall is not nearby, check out the cheap, fast-fashion retailers in the closest major city. I am always a big advocate for Zara, H&M, and UNIQLO. Zara and H&M have locations scattered across the country, and UNIQLO has three stores in New York City. These retailers offer the latest trends for each season for men and women, but at affordable prices. H&M is a great place to buy basics such as undershirts, socks, and underwear. Zara carries a great selection of tee shirts, button-ups and scarves at competitively low prices.

With a little research, a back to school wardrobe does not have to be expensive.

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