Back to School

by Erin Steiner | July 30th, 2008 | Money Saving Hints

Earlier this week I walked into my local Fred Meyer and was, well, assaulted is a harsh word but it’s the best way to describe the experience, with the start of the “Back to School” season. Is it me, or does “back to school” start earlier every year?

There were notebooks, binders, writing utensils, backpacks—just about everything a person could need if he were heading back to the classroom in the fall—and a few extra things as well. Since when does a student need an mp3 player for school (or am I just old)?

One of the best parts about back to school season is that there is no rule that says you need to be a student to partake of the school supply sale prices. Is your office running low on pens? Stock up! Do you need more printer paper for your personal printer? Get a few reams of it now to save money! Go a little crazy and buy enough Post-it notes to last you a few months (somehow Post-it notes always disappear more quickly than you think they will).

Back to school sales are also a great time to stock up on art supplies. Markers, crayons, construction paper—it goes on sale as well. Sketch pads, pastels, paint—it’s all available at bargain basement prices.

When I was a kid I loved the back to school season because, well, I loved going to school…and I was the kid who spent her allowance on loose leaf paper and fancy pens. As an adult I love the back to school season because I can stock my home office for the next twelve months for a fraction of the price that it would cost me at any other time of the year. I save money, my office is stocked and the stores still turn a profit. Everybody wins!

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