Bad Hair Day Must Have Accessories

by Lori Sciame | February 7th, 2014 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

hair accessories (400x400)This spring, there will be no need to panic if you’re asked out on a date on a bad hair day.  Instead, turn to one of the hottest fashion accessory trends in years: bold hair accessories.  Clear that vision of a floppy sun hat or visor from your mind.  These fashion forward head coverings appear nothing like those old standards.  Read on to learn which type of head turning version you will want to try this spring.

Sweet Ribbons and Bows

Rihanna has jumped on this hot hair trend, as she rocked the pink polka dot ribbon on the red carpet.  What makes the ribbon new is that the the bow takes center stage on top of the head instead of at the nape of the neck.

Several designers have also adopted this trend.  Besides youthful patterns like polka dots, silky royal blue bows work well for dressy occasions.

This accessory complements all lengths of hair. Those with short styles can make the look dramatic by placing the bow in front of teased hair, while women with longer hair can wear a low pony, then add the bow for a dazzling finishing touch.

Silk Head Wraps

Another accessory taking center stage this spring is the silk head wrap.  Designers have chosen delicious jewel tone fabrics to completely cover the head of their models.  This works especially well for those with prominent features.

One suggestion: pair the head wrap with a long, flowing dress.  This “look at me combination” will turn heads at any formal event.  Add bold earrings and a chunky bracelet to enhance the overall effectiveness of this outfit.

Crocheted Coverups

Another must have item this spring is the crocheted head wrap. Whether you choose the cowel version that covers the entire head, or a large headband, this look will amp up your style quotient.

For several years, 1960’s and 70’s style has been back in full force.  Wear a crocheted head piece with a fringed shirt and leather pants to capture the essence of this fashionable era.

Renaissance Headpieces

If you long for a romantic look, then tap into the Renaissance era. Circlets, which can be thought of simply as necklaces for the head, have garnered attention the last several seasons, and their popularity continues to grow.

Choose a gold circlet embellished with tiny faux jewels. Pair with a sleeveless tunic, and finish with skinny jeans.  You’ll look innocent and hot at the same time!

This spring be on the look out for velvet Renaissance head bands and head coverings as well.  With the popularity of the circlet, designers have embraced this time in history.

While not for everyone, a full velvet headpiece may work for those invited to more formal, or even avant garde, occasions.

No Day is a Bad Hair Day

With these chic options, one doesn’t need to worry about bad hair days.  No matter your personal style or the venue, one of these darling (or daring) options will work for you, plus you’ll feel much more confident.

(Photo courtesy of Debbie Miller)




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