Bargain Denim Jacket

by Donella Crigger | October 14th, 2013 | Bargains of the Week

denim jacketIt’s time for the jackets to come out, and there’s nothing more comfortable than a denim jacket. When done properly, this classic style never goes out of fashion. You’ve probably seen them in some of your favorite stores like Aero, American Eagle, Anthropologie, J. Crew, and just about everywhere else for prices ranging from $30 – $130. If you love the look of denim but don’t have that much cash to throw down, consider this denim jacket from Walmart for $15.44. It comes in several different colors, such as black soot, berry stain and gray pearl wash, but my personal favorites are the medium blast indigo and dark blast indigo.


The denim jacket is a great basic wardrobe piece that can be paired with jeans, dresses and skirts, but it can also be worn with dress clothes to give your work wardrobe a more casual look. This particular jacket is lightweight, so it’s perfect for layering over a button down shirt and a sweater. The denim jacket can be worn in fall and springtime, so you’ll get plenty of use out of it.


It’s important to get a denim jacket that fits properly. For most women, you want a jacket that fits just right in arm length and the shoulders. It should skim the body on the sides and avoid the boxy look, which is unflattering for most body types. You may need to get some tailoring done to get one that fits just right, but for the price of this jacket, you’ll have money to spare if it needs to be taken in a bit.

Classic Style

Colored denim jackets come and go, so choosing a classic style is the best choice for your budget and your closet. Classic style means that the jacket’s color is dark denim, but not such a dark blue that it looks almost black. The jacket will have two pockets on the chest with buttoned flaps. The cuffs and collar should resemble those of a man’s shirt. The bottom of the jacket should be straight and may end at the waist for a cropped jacket or at the hips for a traditional jacket.

For those on the hunt for the perfect denim jacket, head to your local Walmart store to try this jacket on for size. It can also be ordered online, but if you can get to the store, it’s a good idea to ensure you’re getting a good fit. Remember the tips for fit above to find a flattering, classic denim look.

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