Bathing Suit Cover-Ups

by Sam P. | June 11th, 2013 | Casual Tops, Teen Fashion

cover-upWhen you’re at the beach, your look isn’t complete with out a cover-up.  Sure you could throw your clothes on over your suit, but that just becomes uncomfortable.  Cover-ups are the prefect combination of cute and comfy.  There are a few different paths you can take when choosing your cover-up.

Cover-ups vary from sheer to opaque.  The sheer ones tend to have straps, and the thicker ones tend to be strapless.  My favorite place to get cover-ups is Target, because they are cheap, and there are many different styles there.  I have two from there.  One is white and striped.  The stripes are white and then just sheer white.  It is very comfortable and flowy with straps and a low swoop neck.  The other one is bright purple and strapless. The top part that goes over your bust has rouching.

I feel that every women and teenage girl needs two different cover-ups. I feel this because if I wear an orange bikini, I can’t wear a purple cover-up.  I would wear the white one.  If it is a neutral color, but a one piece I don’t want a very thick cover up. I want a light sheer one.  And vice-versa.

If I can suggest anything, it would be to get one very thin cover-up for the very hot days, and one that is a bit thicker for the cooler days.  Also get one that is a neutral color (black, white, gray, tan, etc.) and one that is a bright color (blue, purple, pink, red, orange, green, etc.).

Also, when buying your brighter cover-up, make sure it works with at least half of your bathing suits.  You don’t want to get a bright cover-up and have it clash with every bathing suit you have!

You also have to keep in mind the shape and fit of the cover-up.  You want it to flatter your body shape.  Keep in mind the same rules you would for buying a sundress for buying a cover-up.  If it does cinch in at one place, have it cinch in at the smallest part of your torso.  And if it doesn’t cinch in, make sure it doesn’t make you look larger than you are.  Try to find on with a little shape so you don’t appear sackish.

Also do this for color. You should get a colorful cove- up, but make sure it flatters your skin tone!

That’s just about everything I have, so go get em tiger.

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