Bathing Suits

by Sam P. | May 28th, 2013 | Teen Fashion

bikiniIt is almost summer, which means we will be swimming soon.  And that means every girl needs to get at least one bathing suit that flatters her body type perfectly.  I have figured out a guide to getting the swimsuit to flatter every girl’s body shape.

If you have a more athletic body shape, horizontal stripes will do you good.  They will give you a more curvacious look and fill your frame out perfectly.  One thing to stay away from is halter tops, they can make your shoulders look larger and shrink your chest.  Try out a ring bandeau!  These suits will also look great on petite frames.

If you are long and skinny, swim suits may make you look like a string bean.  Your body shape is very modelesque, but bathing suits may stretch you out even more.  I usually suggest a retro high waited bikini with horizontal stripes.

If you have a larger chest, there are two ways to tackle your girls.  You can either get a bustiere-like top with an underwire and side boning, or a top that has a shape like a sports bra.  The underwire and high coverage with keep the girls in place.

For girls with a larger figure, go for a one-piece in a dark color.  For extra coverage over the tummy area, get a one-piece with ruching over the stomach.

If you have a large booty, get a black bottom piece with full coverage to shrink your tush and a brightly patterned top.

If you have an hourglass figure, go for a bikini that has a swim skirt bottom for extra coverage.  Ruffles on the top and bottom will play up your curves even more. Or get a high waisted bottom with a halter top.  This will fill out your hips even more and nip in your waist.

If you have a flat tush, there are two ways to make it pop. Either get a bottom with a bright eye popping design that is high cut on your tush, or get a bikini that has ruffles over the bum to give it more shape.

If you are short, get a string bikini.  This way your legs won’t get cut off at the hips making them appear longer.

If you need to flatten your tummy, get a two piece with a higher waisted bottom that has a wide ruched waistband to slim your lower belly.

If you have a small chest, get a ruffled bandeau top.  The ruffles will add more dimension to your girls.

Hopefully my guide will help you find the perfect suit.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match tips to find the perfect suit! I have a very athletic, petite body, but I have a very small tush and a teensy chest.  My favorite bathing suit I have is a string bikini with ruffling on the bum and on the chest.  The only flaw it has is that it is a halter top.  But since it is a string bikini, it doesn’t make my shoulders appear as large as halters normally do.

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