Beachy Hair

by Sam P. | June 25th, 2013 | Teen Fashion

beachEverybody knows that a girl’s best accessory is her hair, and that the best way to style hair in the summer is for the beach. There  are so many different styles that are beach worthy, and I will give you a how-to on my two favorite styles.

When someone says beachy hair, my first thought is messy, curly waves.  Now you would think that curls are a no brainer, but you would be surprised how many people mess them up.  I mean how many of you have seen the youtube hair curling tutorial in which the girls burns off a chunk of her hair?  My point exactly.

The best way to get beachy waves is to not wash your hair.  Wash it the day before, not the day of.  Since your scalp produces natural oils, they will actually help keep your curls in place.  Also, if available, use a sea salt hair spritz instead of hairspray.

On dry hair, spritz the sea salt spray and comb through.  Separate your hair into three sections from top to bottom, but leave out any bangs or wispies you have around your face.  With a thick, at least one inch, curling iron curl the bottom section of hair in all different directions.  The trick to beachy curls is not having them all be symmetrical.  Asymmetry is beauty with curls.  Do the same with the second and then third section of hair.  Now take the bangs around your face and curl them away from your face, sort of like a frame.  Spritz with the sea salt spray, or give a quick once over with some hairspray.  Let the curls sit for a minute or two, and then run your fingers through your hair to mess the curls up a little. Ta-da!

My other favorite summer hairstyle for summer is a very bohemian hairstyle.  Pull your hair into a low messy side pony but leave out the very front section of hair on the side that you have the pony on.  Gather the hair left out and twist it straight back and pin it with a bobby pin.  Now take all of your hair, and take the hair tie out of your side pony and fishtail your hair all the way down the pony.  Secure it with a ribbon, hair tie, etc.  Viola!

If you have shorter hair that may not stay completely in the side fishtail, you can start a twist from the other side of your head going around into the side pony.

Also, when doing this hairstyle, don’t try so hard to make it all stay in perfectly. The beachy, boho look is all about being messy.  If you have a few hairs that you missed just curl them!

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