Beauty DIY: Eyebrow Cuts

by Sam P. | September 10th, 2015 | Beauty, DIY

Sams eyebrow cutFor my last every beauty DIY, yes, I know it is a sad day, I am throwing it back to the 80s.  Eyebrow cuts were a huge trend and it is coming back again, just as all fads do.  Personally, I think the look is cutting edge (Get it? Cutting?) and unique.  Of course taking a razor to your brow is a major commitment.  The thought of shaving off part of your brow is a major decision.  Well, I have a way to fake it like a pro.  This is better if you decide you don’t like the look, or if you only want it for one specific outfit.


  • Concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone
  • Thin concealer brush
  • Q-Tips
  • Eyebrow filler (if you usually use it)
  • Concealer or foundation you usually use
  • Tweezers


  1. Tend to your eyebrows first. You want a nice clean brow for this. Pluck any stray hairs away.
  2. If you use a brow pencil to fill in your brows first, pencil requires more blending and brushing than a dip brow so fill them in before you make your artificial cuts. If you don’t know how to fill in your brows check out our DIY on full brows.
  3. If you have dark filled in brows, use a Q-Tip to wipe off two thin strips of the pencil to make covering your brow easier. I like to make two perpendicular cuts going vertically right around my arch right next to each other.
  4. Take your concealer brush and the concealer a shade lighter than your skin tone and either fill in the two strips or create them if you did not wipe away brow pencil or have not filled in your brows yet. Wiggle the brush in to coat the brows and get all the way down to the skin. Slowly layer the concealer until it looks as though you have cut into your eyebrows.  It is ok if the concealer gets on the skin around your eyebrows.
  5. If you are filling with dip brow fill them in now.
  6. Clean off the concealer brush and either using foundation or concealer you usually use clean up your brow and help to blend out any of the other concealer that got on your skin.

This look is edgy and fun, and now it is nowhere near as temporary as it used to be!  Try it for a concert or a music festival for a flirty look, or just wear it out and about and shock your friends with your fashion forward look.

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