Beauty DIY: The Perfect Pout

by Sam P. | February 26th, 2015 | Beauty, DIY

sams pout (400x400)I love lipstick.  I hardly ever wear it, but when I do, I am always amazed by just how large my lips look.  On their own I have never thought I had an Angelina Jolie worth pucker, but with lipstick I am a possible contender.  Of course mine are still nowhere near as big as her lips, but they certainly appear much larger.  Lipstick may appear terrifying and difficult at first, but with a few simple tricks it can brighten your face and pull together an outfit in two easy minutes.  There are varying opinions on lip liner and lip primers, but I have to say I find lip liner a life saver.


  • Lipstick
  • Lip liner
  • Matte powder
  • Tissue
  • Fluffy brush
  • Lipstick brush (optional)
  • Gloss (optional)


  1. Start by applying lotion, foundation, and chap stick as usual.  ALWAYS apply chap stick before you start as lipstick dries out your lips.
  2. With a sharp lip liner pencil carefully line your lips.  You should be lining all the way to the edge of your lips, but not past your lips.  You want to enhance your features, not over draw them.
  3. Fill in your lips using lip liner.  This will help your lipstick stay all day long.
  4. Carefully apply your lipstick.  I start from the outside in.  If you have a lipstick brush use it now.  Go all the way to the edge of your lips as you did with your liner.
  5. Fill in the rest of your lips with your lipstick.  Using a brush for this may not give you very thick coverage so I like to go over it again directly with the lipstick.
  6. Gently rest the tissue over your lips and using a fluffy brush gently swipe your mate powder over your lips through the napkin.  This will help set your lips and will create a matte look.
  7. If you want a very dark, heavy look repeat steps five and six again.
  8. If a matte look is not what you’re looking for, swipe some gloss over your lips.

When you do a strong lip like this go very light on your eye makeup.  Just a thin line of eyeliner if you want, and a swipe of mascara.  Having both your lipstick and eye makeup battling between each other can make your face appear far too busy and will be less attractive if you just highlight one feature.  Remember to always fill in your eyebrows as well to frame your face.

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