Beauty DIY: White Eyeliner

by Sam P. | December 4th, 2014 | DIY, Fashion

diy eyeliner (400x400)White eyeliner can do wonders in the world of makeup.  From making a low pigment shadow into the most pigmented shadow you’ve ever owned, to making your eyes look wider and brighter, to even giving you the perfect cupids bow lips.  To start, I would suggest getting two white eyeliners, one thick one and one thin one, but both very soft kajal liners.  Rimmel London makes a great soft kohl kajal thin eyeliner.  Sephora also makes a great jumbo liner that is waterproof for at least 12 hours.  The Sephora liner is on the more expensive side, but personally I think it is worth it.  If you prefer not to spend that much you can typically find a knock off at your local CVS, Walgreens, or any other convenience store.

This first trick with eyeliner uses the jumbo liner.  You do not necessarily need a jumbo liner for this, but it is much easier with a jumbo one.  You are going to coat your whole lid, or up to your brow bone with white liner.  You can do this with a thin liner, but typically I find the tip of the liner just breaks off in the process.  After your lid has been coated proceed with your typical shadow routine.  You will find that your shadow will be much darker and pigmented.  This will save you eye shadow as you will not need to apply as much.

Another great trick with white eyeliner is rimming your eyes with it on your water line.  For this I prefer to use a thin liner as a thick one can sometimes apply too much or go onto the roots of your lashes.  If you typically put black liner on your waterline try applying white for your day look, and then putting black on just for going out or at night.  Your eyes will appear much larger during the day.  Not only should you apply it to your bottom water line, try your best to get it on your top water line, as well.  You can also smudge it into the inner corners or your eyes as a highlight.

Lastly, you can use white eyeliner on your lips.  Before you line your lips with your typical lip liner smudge some eyeliner into the cupids bow of your lip.  The cupids bow of your lip is the v shaped dip on your top lip.  Apply a slight line of your liner there so you are just brushing up to the high peaks of your lips.  Apply it a bit thicker in the dip of the cupids bow.  Using either a Q-Tip or a concealer brush, blend out the line so it isn’t so harsh.  If you want, you can blend over the white line with a pale pearly pink shadow or cream shadow.  Now you can continue on with your lip routine.  When you are finished, you can put a bit of the same pearly pink shadow in the center of your bottom lip and blend it out with gloss to emphasize your pout even more.

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