Become an Ethical Shopper

by Patti | April 16th, 2009 | Money Saving Hints

picAn ethical shopper is a person who is informed about products they are buying and buys based on principles and matters of conscience. Ethical consumerism is the name given to buying products and services that have been manufactured by ethical means. In other words, no human beings and no animals were hurt or exploited by the making of the product. This also can pertain to the environment as a whole.

Ethical consumerism (also sometimes referred to as ethical shopping, green consumerism or moral purchasing) can be practiced by way of positive buying or  moral boycotting (which means to choose not to purchase a product based on moral grounds).

Tips for Becoming a More Ethical Shopper

First of all, cut down on your level of consumption. Ethical shopping is about buying ethical products, but it is also about cutting down on how much you buy. When you buy less you cut down on waste.

Shop locally whenever possible. This is a way to support those who live and work in your community, and it can decrease how far you have to drive to do your shopping. It is very likely that smaller stores in your community are more likely to be open to your suggestions for them to buy ethical brands of everything from juice to shampoo to stationery.

If you choose to invest your money, then shop around for socially responsible investment opportunities. Also known as ethical investing or sustainable investing, where you put your money and what it will help fund is an important aspect of shopping the ethical way.

Make recycle your buzzword. Recycle everything that you possibly can. In the same way, compost and reuse everything you can. In this way you create less waste and send fewer items to the landfill.

Everyone likes new things, but second hand items are often just as good. Shop at thrift stores and second hand shops, and you might be surprised at what treasures you will uncover. You can find everything from clothing to furniture to books and so much more.

What you buy is important to being an ethical shopper, but there may be instances that you can take things one step further. Move into the political arena of sorts by campaigning for change by way of petitions and contacting your local politicians.

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