Benefits of Buying Secondhand

by Junou Mathieu | May 26th, 2011 | Home Shopping

Many people are appalled by the thought of buying something (clothes, cars, books) secondhand. Many people feel that there is something horrible about using items that other people have handled. The truth is, most of the time, there is not much difference between used objects and new objects. Sure, secondhand stuff might be slightly worn, but who cares as long as the item is still usable?

Buying secondhand has many advantages. Due to the many benefits, some people make shopping at secondhand stores a hobby. These people love being able to get something for half, or sometimes a quarter of the price.

Save Money

The large amounts of money that can be saved is what attracts most people to secondhand items in the first place. You might find jeans that normally cost $25 at a secondhand store for the bargain price of $5. If you need to buy a new wardrobe for school or work, buying at secondhand stores can save you hundreds of dollars that could be better spent elsewhere.

Just Like New

When some people think of secondhand, they think of dirty, unusable items for very cheap. Many times, these secondhand objects have only been used a few times. Typically, these items are purchased by people who use it once, yet no longer want it after one use. Since they can no longer return it, they donate or sell it to a secondhand store.

You may think that this is untrue, but if you look in your garage or closet, you will find truth in this statement. How many times have you purchased something, only to never use it?  Usually, these things eventually end up at yard sales, auction websites, and you guessed it, secondhand stores.

Many people see no point paying $50 for something that has never been worn before, instead of paying $10 for something that has only been worn twice.

Thrilling Adventure

Some people love the thrill that comes with buying secondhand. It takes effort to find all the diamonds among the rough. Every item you see won’t be super cheap and like new. You will find some things that belong in the trash, but rarely. Believe it or not, you can find high-end items in secondhand stores (expensive clothes, furniture, kitchenware, basically things you otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford).

Those who shop at secondhand stores are often seen as old-fashioned, but it’s really the opposite. That man or woman who’s always wearing fashionable, pricy clothing may shop at secondhand stores.

Environmentally Friendly

The state of the environment is a popular topic these days. As people become more educated about these matters, many are doing all they can to help heal the Earth. One way you can help the Earth is through secondhand items. Instead of being thrown away into already overflowing landfills, these things are being used a second time. If all things had two or even three owners during their lifetime instead of just one, there would be fewer landfills.

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