Best Accessories Under $25

by Lori Sciame | July 10th, 2015 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

woman earrings (400x400)All eyes are on you!  Or at least they will be if you invest in some of today’s hottest fashion accessories. Sure, some accessories cost a lot of money; however, I have been on the look out for mega deals.  The great news?  I have found several. Keep reading to learn about a few of the best accessories on the market today – all available for under $25!

Make Way for Statement Earrings

Just like statement necklaces, statement earrings add extra flair to an outfit.  One simply cannot miss the bold presence of these beauties. For instance, Charming Charlie offers dramatic seed bead fringe earrings in tropical colors.  These vibrant earrings literally frame the face.  Not only will they draw attention to you, they can be had for a song: only $10 online. Follow this link to view them.

Keep Rolling Along With a Circle Purse

Handbags come in all sizes, from tiny clutches to large totes.  Now they even come in a new SHAPE. Circle purses have hit the shores of the US, and their popularity is growing steadily.  Costly versions of this new phenomenon can run in the hundreds of dollars, yet I’ve found versions for around $15.  For example, imagine a small, round bag in black, one that features the face of a clock in majestic gold lettering.  This daydream can become a reality by clicking here.

Sparkle From Head to Toe

The warmer months can elicit a healthy glow in a woman. In fact, the sun kissed look never goes out of style even though we know about the dangers of UV rays.  Thankfully, retailers understand a woman’s desire to appear tanned by offering products that help her do so without risking skin cancer.  There are self tanners, of course, but powders are also available.  I adore Charming Charlie’s Gold Shimmer Dusting Powder. The company describes this amazing product as follows: “For a subtle golden glow, spray on this luminous powder that provides a glistening finish. Glitter spray dust. Non-0ily. Easy to put on, easy to wash off.”  The kicker?  It costs only $15 online. Follow this link to read more.

Pretty Pony’s Always in Style

Women of all ages rely on a sleek ponytail when temperatures soar. It makes sense to pull hair back, away from the face when heat and humidity can cause it to become either limp or frizzy.  Since you will be sporting a few ponytails this season anyway, why not purchase some updated holders? Lately, manufacturers have amped up their game when it comes to holders. There are playful, artsy, and sophisticated versions available.  Charming Charlie features a huge variety of ties, such as Citrus Slice Hair Ties.  For only $5, you will receive 10 ties in tropical colors and patterns.  Check them out by clicking here.

Keep the Eyes on You

An investment in reasonably priced accessories will be money well spent.  The four suggestions above have the potential of helping you to stand out in the crowd – in a good way.  Remember, it is all in the details!

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