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by Lori Sciame | December 20th, 2013 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

giftWondering what to buy the special women in your life for Christmas?  The answer is easy: one or more unique accessories.  These handy items take the guess work out of sizing – no need to worry about if they will be too big or too small – plus, accessories don’t have to cost hundreds of dollars to be chic.  Check out the following budget-friendly options; your favorite ladies will be glad you did!

Eternity (Infinity) Scarves

Still hot as ever, scarves dress up any ensemble.  New, however, is the eternity scarf, also known as infinity scarf.  One long, continuous loop, this version cuts out the need for fancy knotting.  Just place over the head, then loop once or twice for the desired look.  Now that it’s close to Christmas, sales abound, so you should be able to find cute versions for as little as $15!  Opt for white, creme, or black to further enhance this gift’s versatility. If you don’t want to wait for sales in store, check out this cute version for only $8.99.

Mother’s Jewelry

In year’s past, every mother wished for a ring containing her children’s birthstones.  Sadly, this accessory could cost hundreds of dollars. Today, many inexpensive types of mother’s jewelry have come to the forefront. For instance, a heart shaped locket with a see through front is all the rage.  This locket, which is built to house tiny charms, can be purchased for under $50. The charms themselves run anywhere from $4 – $6. Several companies produce these fun necklaces.  Click here to view  Another super cute type of mother’s necklace includes tiny dog tags.  Also inexpensive, this casual accessory would be greatly appreciated by any mom!


An awesome gift idea for the lady in your life: monogrammed umbrella.  I recently found a darling purple polka dot umbrella complete with initials for under $40. The amazing thing is that price of this gift included shipping and handling.  My cousin loved this playful present idea so much that she even posted a picture of herself with it on Facebook.  If monogramming isn’t your loved one’s favorite accent, then she will love this see through umbrella from totes.  On sale (as of this post) for only $21, this pretty version will keep your lady stylishly dry for years to come.

Tech Friendly Gloves

Tech friendly gloves will please a woman who loves her iPhone, iPad, or other smart phone.  Manufactured with keeping the fingertips accessible, these gloves keep the hands toasty warm while allowing one to surf the Internet or to play games.  There are many versions available, including Agloves.  Click here to learn more about this popular brand.  Again, this gift idea costs little, but it will make the receiver extremely happy.

Gift giving doesn’t have to be expensive or a hassle.  All it takes is a little creativity and thoughtfulness.  I guarantee that if you purchase one or more of these unique accessories for the women in your life, they will be happy with the gift.  (Unless they asked you for an engagement ring, of course!)

(Photo courtesy of Robert Proksa)


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