Best Blushes for Under $10

by Lana Bandoim | June 19th, 2015 | Current Trends, Women's Fashion

woman blush (400x400)Blush can help you create an instant glow that immediately makes you look younger. The best blushes add a subtle touch to your cheeks that looks natural. These blushes are inexpensive and perfect for achieving a beautiful glow.

NYX Blush Stick

The NYX Blush Stick costs $6 and comes in a wide variety of shades. You can find it in magnolia (bright pink), pink lotus (bright blue-pink with a gold shimmer), hibiscus (deep beige pink), tulip (soft blue-pink), tea rose (plummy pink), orchid (peachy pink with a gold sheen), water lily (deep mauve pink) and pink poppy (neutral pink). The blush stick is creamy, so it is easy to apply and blend. In addition, it is highly pigmented, so a small amount can instantly give you a natural glow. However, if you want more color, you can create layers with the blush that can last for hours.

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush

The Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush costs $8 and comes in 10 different shades. It is available in fresh pink, pink frosting, rose petal, peach satin, candy coral, pink plum, orchid hush, plum wine, coffee cake and hot tamale. The blush feels like a cream, but it changes to a powdery finish once you apply it. The powder-gel formula gives the blush a soft, lightweight texture. You can build layers of color or create a more subtle look, and it is easy to blend this blush. It will not cake on your skin after hours in the sun or air-conditioned office.

Essence Silky Touch Blush

The Essence Silky Touch Blush costs $3 and is available in several shades. If you are looking for a powder blush and prefer to avoid the cream versions, then this is a good alternative. The blush has a soft texture and is easy to apply to your cheeks. It is also easy to blend the blush and build layers for a more intense look. The final finish gives you a natural appearance that does not cake after hours of wear. There is a subtle shine to this blush that does not overwhelm the color. You can create a healthy glow with the Essence Silky Touch Blush that works for daytime or nighttime.

E.l.f. Studio Pressed Mineral Blush

The e.l.f. Studio Pressed Mineral Blush costs $5 and is available in four shades. It creates a smooth texture and includes extra ingredients for healthier skin. This blush has mineral oil, vitamin E and grape seed oil to hydrate your skin. The company also promises that these extra ingredients will help you fight aging. The blush can be applied to the cheeks in dry or wet form. It is easy to blend, so you can create the perfect finish for your skin by building the coverage. This is a long-lasting product that can work for daytime or nighttime events. The color shimmers, so you may notice some gold specks in the blush as you apply it. The e.l.f. Studio Pressed Mineral Blush is versatile and can work for dry, oily or normal skin.

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