Best Home Stores: Boston

by Jaclyn Abergas | October 20th, 2011 | Home Shopping

The great thing about home stores in Boston are their uniqueness. Go Shopping Info features three different stores that cater to different tastes and budgets.


Abodeon, a mixture of the words abode and beyond, was founded by Dale and Terri Anderson in 1998 as a place for interesting items that people will never regret buying. In Abodeon, they sell both new and modern items as well restore vintage items they’ve acquired. And they make it a point to sell items that fit every budget.

http://www.abodeon.com/; 1731 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA; Tel. (617)497-0137


Diseño’s owner has worked in food and wine, real estate, and corporate America for decades and decided to travel to South America for a break. What he saw was something greater. He saw an innovative and fresh take on home furniture design that he decided to bring back to Boston. Now he goes back a few times every year to search for new ideas from the Latin community.

http://www.disenobos.com/; 409 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA; Tel. (617) 423-2008

Garage Sale

If you have home items that you need to get rid of, then Garage Sale is the place to go to in Boston. They take your used furniture, accessories, jewelry, and art, and sell it for you. And it’s the place to go for items for your house at affordable prices. If you want to sell your items through Garage Sale, simply send them a photo of the item, and include all basic information, like year purchased, manufacturer, dimensions, materials used, etc. Then they’ll contact you with their resale price, and, if you agree, they’ll pick it up for you for free.

http://www.garagesaleboston.com/; 55 Waltham Street, Boston, MA; Tel. (617)482-7044

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