Best Men’s Clothing Deals

by Mackenzie M. | October 17th, 2011 | Men's Shopping

Fall is traditionally the perfect time to snatch up last-minute deals on T-shirts, shorts, sun glasses, and sandals.  Stock up now for next spring, and you will save a lot of money.

In addition to these finds, you can also purchase the hottest cold weather items on sale as well. Since it is just past the major rush of fall clothing debuts, many stores are having some great sales, especially on trendy men’s items for fall and winter.

Here is a quick list of websites ot check out for the best sales.

L.L. Bean – The exciting thing is that L.L. Bean is offering free shipping for all orders, with no end date in sight!  I found men’s chino’s on sale for $19.99. Remember, these make a perfect start to a crisp work wardrobe. They also have blazers and fleece jackets at great prices, which means a big bang for your buck. Although not super trendy, this brand “screams” reliability.

Gap – Gap is offering anywhere from $5-40 off anything from tailored shirts, to jeans, to inspired nylon jackets for the rainy days of fall. Also, if you order from the website, there is free shipping on any order after $50.

Banana Republic – Much like Gap, Banana Republic features great sales this time of year.  This is because the same parent company owns both chains. Sweaters, blazers, and even thermal pants, are all significantly marked down. Again, there is free shipping for any order over $50.

Nordstrom – Although notoriously expensive, even Nordstrom is having a significant sale. A John Varvatos blazer was marked 33% off , with a Michael Kors dress shirt marked down a significant 33% as well. These are men’s items that are rarely found on sale. If you are looking for dress clothes, check out Nordstrom.com immediately.

J.Crew – My personal favorite, J. Crew is having yet another purge of clothing items. This means great buys for the shopper who will take the extra couple of minutes to sift through the hundreds of enticing items on J. Crew’s sale page. It is worth the time and effort. Also, be sure to sign up for J. Crew’s emailing lists, as they frequently send out vouchers for free shipping on all orders. (Here is another friendly reminder of the 15% in-store discount for students with I.D.!!)

It is possible this fall to look trendy without spending a ton of cash.  All you need to do is simply take the time to shop around online for the best deals, including free shipping.

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