Big, Bold, and Budget Friendly

by Lori Sciame | October 23rd, 2013 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACurrent trends in jewelry should have the budget conscious shopper feeling pretty good. Gone are the days when expensive pearls and diamonds graced the neck and ears of a fashionable woman.  Instead, big, bold, and budget-friendly describes jewelry trends in 2013.  Since the materials used to make these pieces cost little to nothing, manufacturers have gladly jumped on this trend as well. With this change, all woman – not just the well off – can wear the most current jewelry styles. Find out more about what’s hot (and cheap) in this post.

Gaudy Necklaces?

In the old days, grandma may have described the necklaces in style today as gaudy, meaning too bright and heavily decorated.  But is it so wrong to make a statement with a bold necklace?  A great example of what’s hot is this gold/black faceted gemstone necklace from Windsor for only $15.90.  With earrings included in the price, this bib-like necklace and rectangle earrings won’t be missed when worn! Or maybe the gold/royal square statement necklace is more your style. Its rows of rich, blue squares held together by gold chain would pop against any solid color sweater. Click here to see this beauty.

Lobe Dropping Earrings

Not to be outdone by necklaces, earrings are fighting for center stage this fall.  Be sure to notice that earrings so huge that they look as if they’d stretch the ear lobe are being worn by both celebrities and the average woman.  Of course the fact that most have been made from inexpensive materials makes them lighter than one would think.  A cute version from Windsor for only $4.90 embraces this trend.  The gold tribal earrings in a highly polished finish will dangle sassily next to your neck without looking like you’re trying too hard.  Also big this season: chandelier earrings.  No matter which fake jewel is your favorite, be sure to buy a pair this fall to be on top of the fashion game.  The gold/crystal chandelier earrings, also from Windsor, offer three inches of pure – gaudy – fun!  Follow this link to this $13 fashion find.

Notice Me Bracelets

Bracelet wearers can rejoice, as this trend has reached the wrist as well.  Materials for bracelets, whether fake leather or imitation crystals, run the gamut, so all tastes will be satisfied. For a sophisticated look, opt for this black and white leather bracelet. Currently on sale for only $6.45, this fantastic bracelet features a turn lock closure and bold, ying/yang coloring.  The rhodium/crystal pearl chain bracelet is a must for the upcoming holiday season if over-the-top pieces beckon you!  This unique bracelet covers not only the wrist, but it snakes its way to the fingers and ends in a ring.  For under $13, you can look like a diva without spending the money a true diva does.  Bonus!

Take Part in this Trend

The big, bold, and budget-friendly jewelry trend should last several more seasons.  Investing in a variety of pieces this fall will ensure you are in synch with the styles of today.  My only advice: don’t pile on too many statements pieces, as each one should be allowed to speak for itself.

 (Photo courtesy of Miriam Wickett)

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