Birthday Freebies

by Jodi Furman | September 14th, 2011 | Shopping Secrets

What a drag it is getting old… well, not if you get some great free swag for your birthday! Birthday freebies are no longer just a piece of cake and an off tune rendition of  “Happy Birthday” from your server. Discounts and freebies show up in unexpected places and include fun perks galore! Free spa services, travel discounts, exclusive coupons, and free gift cards to retailers are yours for the taking.

Here’s how to get in on the good stuff:

1)    Easily find the high dollar rewards.  Don’t waste time aimlessly searching online for the best of the birthday rewards. Find a comprehensive list of birthday rewards and freebies here: http://www.livefabuLESS.com/birthdayfreebies

2)    Sign up BEFORE your birthday.  If you wait until the last minute you might miss out, so be sure to give yourself enough time to be eligible to redeem the birthday rewards this year.

3)    Keep the clutter OUT of your inbox. If you prefer not to flood your email inbox with offers, simply create a new email account especially for receiving offers through Gmail, Yahoo or any other free email service.

4)    Sign up all eligible family members.  There are a number of fantastic rewards for kids from free birthday cakes to free meals to gift cards, so be sure to sign up your kids for any and all rewards clubs, too.  If you have privacy concerns, use your child’s initials rather than their full name. Just because your husband doesn’t regularly shop at either Sephora or Victoria’s Secret, doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t sign up.  That said, don’t commit fraud and register multiple times with multiple email addresses.

5)    Ask and ye shall receive.  Many local and national businesses have rewards and loyalty programs that aren’t well advertised, so be sure to ask whenever you’re in store or on the phone with a customer service rep if they have a program that you can sign up for.

6)    It’s a gift that keeps on giving all year.  Once you sign up for most retailers and restaurant rewards clubs you also receive valuable coupons and advanced notice of sales and promotions.

7)    Donate or gift any rewards that you don’t need or want.  Some of the freebies might not be items that you want or will use, but would make a great donation to a friend or stranger in need of a little pick me up.  As an added bonus, you might even be able to write off the donation on your taxes (consult your accountant or tax professional.)

Some of the best birthday rewards include a free dinner at Benihana (up to $30 value), a free $10 gift card to Victoria’s Secret, a free full sized item from Sephora, and a $10 free gift card to DSW.  Sign up NOW to get your birthday freebies – turn your birthday day into a month long extravaganza of fabulous freebies!

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