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by Sam P. | January 26th, 2012 | Women's Beauty, Women's Fashion

When I think of the Body Shop, I usually think of lotions and body butters, but one of their forgotten aspects is their makeup line.  I find their makeup up line to actually be very satisfying.  It is great for your skin, it won’t clog your pores, and it is very clean.  I love the stuff; I can’t get enough of it!

They have different lines inside of their makeup line.  My favorite for your skin is the Extra Virgin Minerals line.  They have four parts to it, three of which are different foundations.  My favorite is the compound foundation; it has a great creamy texture.  It is very similar to a liquid foundation, except much more compact.  Now you may be thinking, “Ew! That sounds incredibly thick and cakey!”  But, fear not my friend, have I ever steered you wrong?  It comes with a small brush, and when used lightly it blends perfectly with your skin, with a great creamy texture.  The main thing I love is that it has great coverage!  When you use it there is almost no need for a cover-up.  It has a great smooth-matte finish.

They also have a liquid foundation. I cannot honestly say that I haven’t used it, but a few of my friends have.  And they rave about it!  They say it has nice light coverage, and like all of their makeup, it is very clean.  It blends incredibly well and has a nice light dew-like finish.

Their powder foundation is light and, well, powdery.  With this, you can choose how much coverage you get, but be warned of the case of cake face!  Don’t use too much or well, that’s what happens.  But, it does cover imperfections quite nicely.  It has a great radiant finish that just lets your true face really shine through.  All three of these are only $25 and last you a while. The last thing in this line is their makeup brush, which is also only $25.

Their Honey Bronzing Powder is my favorite bronzer.  It is a compact powder that applies nicely with a great matte finish.  My favorite blush is their Baked-to-Last Blush.  It is slowly baked for eight hours for a flawless girly finish.

My favorite eye shadow is their Baked Eye Color.  They have shades for every eye color.  My favorite eyeliner is their Eye Definer: it comes it five different shades.  It is soft enough for a great clean application, yet firm enough to not smudge.  As for mascara, I love their Super Volume Mascara.  It clings to each lash creating great huge bombshell lashes.

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