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by Anna P. | April 20th, 2010 | Shopping Secrets

There is nothing better than spending time lounging poolside soaking up the sun…..and reading a good book! Reading is one of life’s greatest joys, and it’s also one of those intelligent hobbies you want to share with your children. Books never get old, and a good story is timeless! Stock up with a fresh new set of books to keep you entertained this summer and pick up a few good reads for the little ones. Here are a few bargain book shops worth checking out.

Barnes & Noble
A chain of specialty book shops, you might expect high prices, but if you look a little closer you can find some real deals on bargain books! You’ll find paperback fiction for just $5.00 and under, children’s storybooks and novels under $10, and a good selection of reads marked down 50% off. Even better, Barnes & Noble offers free ebooks! Just download them onto your computer and read, or you can sync them to your Nook reader.

You may have never heard of this website, but AbeBooks is a lot like the eBay of books (both new and used), allowing you to access millions of books sold by book sellers across the nation.  You can browse for fun, or you can search for a specific title or author by using their search box. The nice thing about AbeBooks is that you actually can find rare or hard to find books that most book shops won’t sell.

Paperback Swap
The most economical and environmentally smart way to get new books is to trade the books you don’t read anymore for “new” books. You simply register for free, post up a list of books you want to trade, and you’ll receive a few starter credits that you can use for books. The more books you trade the more credits you’ll receive for books. It’s relatively simple, and the only money you pay for the books are shipping and handling, which makes this relatively free.

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