Boyfriend Fit Jeans

by Sam P. | October 6th, 2015 | Casual Bottoms, Teen Fashion

boyfriend jeans (400x400)So I glanced over these briefly in our fall essentials article, but I love boyfriend fit jeans.  They are so comfortable and so cute.  They were in style in the eighties (maybe your mom still has a pair or two) and just like most styles they are coming back around.  Boyfriend jeans are so great because of their fit.  They are snug on your hips, but still comfortably loose everywhere.  They look adorable with anything you can think of and I highly recommend getting a pair.

Boyfriend jeans come in all different shapes and sizes, but I am a fan on light wash ripped jeans.  It gives them a worn in look as opposed to a typical dark wash.  The key to boyfriend fit jeans is making the comfortable and casual look work for you.  I think they look to die for with a fitted top and a slouchy sweater or cardigan.  With a pair of vans or converse you are comfortable while still being fashionable.

Another great thing about boyfriend fit jeans is that they don’t look weird cuffed.  For those of you that are vertically challenged like I am, a mere 5’2″, you understand the struggle of jeans never fitting.  Even when I buy the “short” version more often than not, they can still be rolled once or twice.  While most jeans being cuffed gives a young and frumpy look, cuffed boyfriend fit jeans look cute and comfy.

They can also be dressed up if you like.  Throw on a fitted patterned shirt and a pair of cute wedge booties and you have a comfortable and casual look that isn’t too casual.  It may not be dressed up to the nines, but it is certainly a dressier everyday attire.  Add on a blazer or a sweater and you look like you can tackle the world.

With boyfriend fit jeans being one of the hottest looks this year they are pretty easy to find, but I am a huge fan of the ones at Forever 21.  They fit perfectly and are super cheap too.  A warning, the sizing there is different.  They use your waist size instead of the typical 00, 0, 1, etc.  The smallest size is a 24 and it goes up from there.  Boyfriend fit jeans can be found at most stores.  Charlotte Russe carries them, as does JC Penney and most retail stores.  I highly suggest adding a pair to your wardrobe if you do not already own a pair.

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