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by Joe Lawrence | April 23rd, 2009 | Shopping Secrets, Women's Fashion

coke_pepsi“I will never buy anything from that store.”  Have you ever found yourself saying or thinking that?  Maybe you always get a certain product.  We all love either Pepsi or Coke…why?

Why is it that we are only willing to shop for certain brands or from specific places?  For years, I have banned Hardees because I thought their food was terrible.  However, now I honestly think they have the best burger on the market.  Although, it took me a long time to try one again.

What about you?  Do you hate Chrysler products or shopping at Wal-Mart?  Why won’t you buy Peter Pan peanut butter?  For many of us it is because we had a bad experience.  Others may have drunk a Coke and loved it. There was no reason to try anything else.

My sister-in-law loves Olive Garden’s fettuccini alfredo and refuses to get anything else when she is there.  What if she gets something new and hates it?  Can you empathize with that?  Some of us have inherited our tastes from our families.  Our parents always bought a certain brand of bread, and we never think twice.

Marketers call this brand loyalty and count on it.  It is much easier to keep an old customer than to get a new one.  Makes sense.  I have been fortunate to have a wife who had totally different tastes.  Since we were both stubborn we thought our way was the best way.

Some of the things she liked, I adopted.  Some of my things, she adopted.  On many others we chose totally new items and tastes.  The biggest change came from moving from the north to the south where all the stores were different.

Does anyone have similar experiences in this area?  What are some tricks to trying new things without taking a gigantic leap of faith?  Would reading the experiences of another on a website like this one sway your thoughts on a particular product or store?  I look forward to your comments and any feedback you may have to offer me.

  1. Lori says:

    One thign I hate is when I am travelling with someone, and they want to eat at chain restaurants and shop at chani retailers. What is the point of travelling if you don’t try new things?

  2. es says:

    Most of the time, I am a brand loyal. But there are times when I want to try something new..just to figure out the difference.


  3. Joe Lawrence says:

    Lori…very true!

    Thank you both for the comments and for reading.

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