Brand New at the Thrift Store

by Jane Wangersky | November 2nd, 2010 | Shopping Secrets

thriftSecondhand purchases can be a great bargain — but while you’re shopping at the thrift store, you’ll probably also find brand new stuff at the lowest prices you’ll see outside a garage sale. And it’s not all the off-brands you usually find at the dollar store.

At this time of year, our local Value Village is heavily into selling brand new Halloween costumes, as well as used ones, of course. I decided to see what other secondhand — but not used — things they had. I found:

  • Lots of brand-new picture frames with the sample photos still in them. None of them cost more than $5.99.
  • A fleece blanket in the wrapper for $6.99.
  • A flannel and vinyl tablecloth ,still packaged,for $2.99.
  • New panty hose, 99 cents.
  • Five new zippers, all  for 99 cents.
  • A 20-pack of kids’ disposable overnight training pants, open but probably all or mostly there, for $4.99.
  • Plenty of yarn, some of it still in the wrapper, most of it at least still in the skein it came in. You can get a small skein or the equivalent for 99 cents, a large one for $1.99. Of course, you can’t be too picky about colors.
  • A bag of about 50 paper plates for birthday parties, $1.99.
  • Some actual dollar store stuff: Two dozen scouring pad/sponges for $1.99 and a made-in-China food storage dish for the same price.

You can never tell what might turn up next in one of these stores. So, the next time you’re thrift shopping, take a quick look around for some of the things you’re planning to buy new.

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