Briefs to Beckham: Men’s Underwear 101

by Mackenzie M. | March 7th, 2012 | Men's Shopping

There is one area of men’s fashion that I had been trying to shy away from in my articles, but I think the time has finally come to address it. I have written little side notes about the fashion of men’s underwear in some of my previous postings, but cosmic intervention this week inspired me to take the plunge. In the coming paragraphs you will read my insights on men’s underwear from the standpoint of a college-aged male, and the importance I believe they play in the wardrobe of a male of any age; moreover, well-cut, appropriately colored underwear can be found at great discounts if you do a little research.

I have simply come to accept the fact that when I am anywhere near Chicago’s “Magnificant Mile,” or fashion district, I will be struck with an idea for my men’s fashion series. This week, it came in the form of one hundred pairs of men’s underwear surrounding me at the H&M clothing store. I never thought I would see the day, but the time is near when men will get their version of Victoria’s Secret.

Let’s just get past the sticking point here. All men wear underwear, and whether they want you to know this or not, the size, type, and cut of the underwear makes just as much difference to us, as to any Victoria’s Secret model. H&M, being the trendy European company that they are, made this abundantly clear with their Super Bowl ad featuring their new underwear series by David Beckham. A very naked Beckham flashed across television screens nationwide, bringing a great amount of focus to the thought of men wearing fashionable underwear.

Many older men grew up wearing plain “tighty whitey” briefs. This classic, y-front brief is a standby for many, but it is honestly becoming outdated, plain, and frankly uncomfortable; however if you are into them, the classic style can be found at any department store for around $20-30 for three. Typical boxers are also quickly becoming a fashion of the past, at least among the majority of younger, urban men. They are too baggy, and they often are given a horrendous color-scheme that will receive nothing but laughter if anyone else should see. As David Beckham displayed on national television, and by the foreboding walls of H&M and other fashion retailers, boxer-briefs are the latest and greatest in men’s underwear.

For any young male, having hole-free, well-fitting underwear is a necessity. Our fashion is scrutinized by society just as much as women’s, so it is time to step up our game. H&M (overwhelmingly) offers at least 30 different styles and colors of boxer briefs alone. I decided to purchase a well-fitting design in a three pack with emerald green, dark blue, and deep gray. Simple colors work best; the fit depends on personal preference. As with any clothing purchase, wait for sales at stores like H&M, TOPMAN, and J. Crew to get the latest underwear, for up to 80% off of the final price.

  1. Tom says:

    Totally agree!

    Men’s underwear fashion is really starting to explode lately. There are hundreds of small, boutique underwear designers catering exclusively to men (www.UnderwearExpert.com showcases the best of these). And, I think, women are really starting to speak up about what they expect their men to be wearing – something clean, without holes…and maybe a little sexy.

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