Budget Fashion at the Mall

by Anna P. | September 20th, 2011 | Fashion

The average American shopping mall gets a bad rep. This is thanks to the ubiquitous shops that sell cheaply made knock-offs of the apparel and accessories we see on the runway. Also, thanks to the modern-day convenience of online shopping that allows you to buy designer goods for a fraction of the price, it’s easy to dismiss your local shopping center.

The savvy fashionista never turns up her nose at a shopping opportunity. She shops online designer stores for genuine leather accessories, flea markets for vintage jewelry, and the mall for up-to-the-minute trends. Here is your guide to shopping successfully at the mall.

1- Start with department stores.

Most department stores are bigger than your typical mall shop, and they have more sales. JCPenney, Macy’s, Kohl’s, and Target are all great examples of department stores that sell cool (and sometimes exclusive) brands or designer wares for much less. JCPenney has Bisou Bisou and MNG by Mango.  Macy’s has Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, and Tommy Hilfiger. Kohl’s has ELLE, Jennifer Lopez Collection, and Simply Vera, Vera Wang. Target currently has Missoni, but they’re always rotating designers every half-season to keep it fresh. Make the department store your first stop to find cheap basics, designer items, and important garments like a winter coat or cocktail dress.

2- Shop seasonal accessory trends at chic chains.

If you’re searching for a specific accessory that’s in season right now, shop Forever 21 or Charming Charlie. You can stock up on all your favorite looks of the season and still save money on the expensive pair of designer shoes you want.

3- End your shopping spree at your favorite store.

Once you’ve got everything on your list, give yourself the green light to head over to your favorite mall chain. The reason you want to shop here last? So you won’t attempt to purchase your entire wardrobe there only to return more than half of it the next day.

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