Budget Savvy Office Attire

by Lori Sciame | December 1st, 2016 | Office Wear

woman officeSmart women know a secret: office wear need not be season specific.  In fact, several clothing staples, if chosen carefully, can be part of a chic work wardrobe year round. It takes some forethought, but the money saved, plus the increase in the number of available outfit combinations is well worth the extra effort.  Be budget savvy.  Invest in the following pieces soon!

Sleeveless Dress

A cute sleeveless dress made using a moderate weight fabric is a must for developing a year round office wardrobe. Choose a solid color dress for the most bang for your buck.  Black, navy, or gray are excellent choices.  During the hottest months of the year, accessorize the dress with bold jewelry, a cute clutch, and strappy flats.

When it’s snowing outside, add thick tights, riding boots, and a cozy cardigan or pullover sweater to the ensemble.  Other cold weather looks include using scarves, blouses, blazers, and even wraps over the dress.  All of these affordable options allow for endless outfit combinations when topping a sleeveless dress.

White Blouse

A crisp, white blouse also moves effortlessly from season to season. Opt for a blouse in a material that gives the appearance of sturdiness.  Steer clear of a gauze or chiffon material, as these flimsy fabrics don’t allow for as much versatility.

In the spring, the white blouse can be worn like a jacket, as it will provide just enough added warmth to keep you comfortable. When summer arrives, roll up the sleeves on the blouse, add a belt, and pair with a summer print skirt.

In the winter, layers may be a must to survive a cold office environment.  Start with a camisole, add the white blouse (buttoned), then finish with a pullover sweater. Instant heat – both in how you look and in how you feel!

Solid Color Dress Slacks

Invest in dress slacks in solid colors to maximize your year round office wardrobe. Choose slacks of medium weight, and pick those that do not have attention drawing details, such as contrasting stitching, showy pockets, or unique buttons.  Ensuring the pants are nondescript will help keep your co-workers guessing about how many pairs of black pants you actually do own! (Plus, plan pants cost less!)

Dress slacks can be paired with just about anything on top: cardigans, blouses, pullover sweaters, vests, and blazers.  As you move from season to season, think about adjusting the top half of the outfit to jive with the temperature outside.  You’ll find that only on the coldest days of the winter season you might have to add nylons or tights under the slacks for warmth.

Dressy Shells

Shells in an array of solid colors, as well as in colorful prints, will expand a work wardrobe tremendously.  For example, a multi-colored polka dot shell looks fabulous with a fitted solid skirt in summer, and it looks equally as elegant peeking out from beneath a cardigan sweater in the winter.  Because shells can be so versatile, buy as many as you can when they are on sale.

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