Burning Money in San Francisco

by Jaclyn Abergas | May 19th, 2009 | Travel Shopping

Need to burn money in San Francisco? Where should you go to shop?

4. Union Square
A lot of the tourists know this area because Union Square is right in the middle of downtown San Francisco. All the designer labels are here. All the major department stores are here. Even the small concept stores are here. One of the great things about Union Square shopping is the easy access on foot. You can find anything and almost everything here. Looking for books, try Borders. In the mood to see paintings and other art pieces, try visiting one of the many art galleries scattered all over this area. Needing some signature pieces? Try one of the high-end department stores, Neiman-Marcus or Saks Fifth. And after all that heavy shopping, drop off your stuff at one of the numerous hotels located in this area, including Westin St. Francis and Grand Hyatt. Or grab a bite or a cup of coffee at the famous restaurants near Union Square, like Bangkok Noodles, Morton’s, and Sears Fine Food.

5. Haight Street

From high-end shopping to eccentric stores, we move  from Union Square to Haight Street. Haight Street is not for the weak-hearted. Walking along the main road of Haight,  you’ll pass by smoke shops, tattoo parlors, costume shops, shoe stores and vintage clothing boutiques. Unforgettable shops include Positively Haight Street and Piedmont Boutique. Careful though. A lot of shops sell unique and rare products, which means you’re paying for one-of-a-kind items with one-of-a-kind prices, if you know what I mean.

6. Hayes Valley

The construction of the Hayes Valley shopping district happened by accident. In 1989, the Central Freeway entrance ramps on Franklin and Gough Streets collapsed because of the great earthquake. But instead of fixing the ramp, the district decided to demolish it entirely and built a new commerce site on Hayes Valley where foot traffic can live again. Elegant, modern home accessory stores exist along with fine Italian shoe stores, pet stores, vintage clothing boutiques and bookstores on the streets of Hayes Valley.

There will be more San Francisco shopping districts coming soon!

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