Buy Some Beautiful Bangles on Sale Right Now

by Marnie Bii | August 11th, 2014 | Bargains of the Week

bangles (400x400)Bangle bracelets come in a wide range of sizes, colors, materials and styles. You can find a bangle to go with any outfit from casual running suits to formal dresses and skirts. Furthermore, you can wear more than a dozen bangles at a time or just one. Bangles even pair well with watches, rings and other jewelry. Here are five places to find bangles on sale this week.


You can find gorgeous handmade bangles in every style on Etsy. Shops offer bangles made from leather, wood, metals and fabric of all kinds. You can find thin bangles and thick ones along with sets and singles. Each listing comes from a different shop, so you can obtain styles from different makers. Once you find a favorite shop, bookmark it to keep up with the new listings that appear. Many shop owners offer discounts on shipping if you order more than one item at a time.


You’ll enjoy seeing bangles from popular designers, like Marc Jacobs and Kate Spade, on Zappos’ site. Many of the bangles come in yellow, rose and white gold tones. You can even find blue, red and green colors mixed into the designs.

You’ll find dainty, delicate bangles alongside thick, bulky ones. Mix and match the styles to create a lineup you’ll adore. Many of the bangles are marked 25% off or more. Zappos offers free shipping and easy returns on every order.

Amrita Singh

If you love thin, stackable bangles, Amrita Singh is the place to go. The thin metal bangles come in a wide range of colors, including gold, turquoise, pink and bronze. You’ll also see bangles up to four inches wide on this site.

Many bangles are marked down more than 50% from their normal retail price. Exclusive listings pop up quite frequently if you visit this site daily. If you use the code FREESHIP on your $75 and up order, shipping is free.


At Nordstorm, you’ll find hinged, cuff, toggle and stretch bangles in all different colors and styles. Nordstrom carries insanely popular designers, like Ralph Lauren and Givenchy, in their lineup. Look for the gorgeous pearl bangle classically styled by the House of Harlow.

Bangles featuring real diamonds even show up on this site. All of the designs end up on sale toward the end of the season. Right now you’ll find prices dropped as much as 50%. All orders receive free shipping and allow you to return the items no questions asked if you’re unhappy with your purchase.


Bangles adorned with sculpted stones and gems are available from Bloomingdale’s website. Furthermore, Kate Spade bangles featuring inspiring words and messages are here as well. The offerings range from solid precious metals to plated ones at a lower price point. You can find everything from classic styles to modern ones on sale here. Bloomingdales always offers free shipping and returns on orders over $150. No limit on order totals if you’re part of the loyalist club.

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