Buying an Engagement Ring – Part 2 – Styles of Rings

by TK | May 3rd, 2008 | Accessories

When most men thinking of buying an engagement ring they only think of a solitaire diamond ring simple band. While this is the traditional look of an engagement ring, this is one of only four engagement ring styles. The four styles are:

  • Solitaire – It is exactly what it sounds like. The very classic engagement ring style of a single stone in a setting.
  • Engagement – A multi-diamond ring that can be made up of many small stones that often wraps around the finger.
  • Bridal Set – A bridal set is actually a series of rings that fit together. There is usually the engagement ring and the bridal band that work together.
  • Three-Stone – A setting with three stones, one main stone and two smaller secondary stones. The three-stone setting is meant to represent your past, present, and future together.

Once you understand the styles of engagement rings the question is: which one is right for your future wife? That question really depends on the style of the woman of your dreams. Does she prefer the classics and a classic look? If so, the solitaire may be her choice. If she would need a larger amount of sparkle then the multi-stone settings are probably your choice.

No matter what your choice of style, make sure that you choose a style that matches your mate for life. If you do that, you will have made the right choice.

Engagement SettingThree Stone SettingSolitaire SettingBridal Set Setting

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