Buying Beautiful Belts

by Lori Sciame | December 20th, 2011 | Accessories, Women's Fashion

It’s a cinch to be in style this winter. All you need to do is buy several of the hottest styles of belts available from retailers across the nation. From thick belts to complete high waisted looks, to skinny belts to accent a dress or jeans, these fun accessories continue to be one of the best ways to make an outfit stand really stand out.


You won’t be disappointed by a visit either to Vanity in person or online. They have cute belts to fit a tight budget. A quick search online shows that most of the belts they have available cost less than $17.00, and they are super cute. I especially liked the Rhinestone Hook Belt, as it would amp up the glam of any New Year’s Eve ensemble; however, if you’d like a more sophisticated look, they have a Feather Skinny Waist belt that is both up-to-date and demure.

Forever 21

Another store that offers great belts at small prices is Forever 21. Most belts offered online go for under $10.00. Believe it or not, they have a brown, two-toned woven belt for $5.80! Another super cute style is the Double Rosette, offered in jet black. With literally dozens of belts to choose from, you will be sure to fit a style that suits your individual taste.


Last but not least, the mega-chain Kohl’s offers a belt bonanza. On their website they list belt categories, including: chain, fabric, patterned, leather, reversible, stretch, and other. They even feature women’s plus-sized belts. Although a little more expensive than Vanity or Forever 21, Kohl’s still offers great sales, and currently, many styles are half off. I really like the versatility of the Chaps Studded Reversible belt, as it has studs on one side, and it is plain black on the other. Basically, you can wear this belt out on a Saturday night, and to work on Monday morning!

Belts continue to be a fashion staple. Celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Michelle Obama work this accessory into their winter wardrobes. Why not invest in one of the new skinny belts or thick waist varieties? If you do, you will instantly be in style.

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