Buying Boy’s Underwear

by T Akery | June 21st, 2012 | Kids' Shopping, Shopping Secrets

Boys are arguable difficult when it comes to buying undergarments. Girls often go for the frilly, princess type of underwear; however, boys can be a bit of problem mainly because they have extra parts to think about keeping comfortable.

Pay attention to the size of the waistband. Boys waistbands are actually thicker than the typical girl’s waistband. They are also a little less forgiving when it comes to fit. So checking to ensure that you have the right size in the waist is important to establishing comfort. Boys, like girls, can be different in sizes than what the labels say. So if your 3T guy fits in 4T shorts, you will likely get a better fit with the 4T underwear as there will be more room in the waist.

Aside from the waist, your little boy also needs some flexibility in his underwear. It is better to be too big than too small when it comes to size. Keep in mind the practicality when it comes to potty time. Anything that is too stiff will produce more laundry by accident.

To make shopping easier, use your little man’s short size as a guide for the size of underwear they need. While it won’t be a perfect guide because of different manufacturers, it should come very close to the size they need.

Little boys do like their favorite things on their underwear. It is okay to choose the Superman imprints over the more practical white ones if it will get your little boy to wear them. Consider mixing in their favorites with the more practical for variety and cost savings. Just make sure those imprints are as comfortable.

Boy’s are a bit more difficult when it comes to specific items in children’s clothing, but there is still a need to make sure that things are comfortable and that they fit right.

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