Buying Children’s Shorts

by T Akery | May 24th, 2012 | Kids' Shopping

The end of the school year means summer and hot weather. It is a time when winter clothes are stored in favor of shorts. Shorts are really a necessity, but you don’t have to spend a lot to find a few pairs that will last through the summer months.

The big problem with children’s shorts has to be the length. There is a line between what is too short and what is the right length. Unfortunately, if you do have to go for that smaller waist size, the shorts are going to be a little shorter on your child. Have your son or daughter try them on before you buy them.

Another thing with children’s shorts is whether or not to go with pockets. Most boys will require pockets for all of their little “treasures,” but with girls, you can get away with not having them. Although, some girls will prefer pocket additions.

Just because the shorts are made out of denim doesn’t mean that you have to pay jean prices. Look for sales, or consider shorts made from a different material but similar color if you want the look of jeans but not the price.

If you want to save even more money, convert your child’s too short or worn jeans into shorts. Have them put them on, and measure an appropriate length on the leg. Add an extra inch or two for a hemline. Check to make sure that the pockets are covered by the material, and move them out of the way before cutting. This is an easy way to get a pair of shorts out of old jeans that are otherwise unusable.

Children’s shorts are a summer necessity. Throw them over a bathing suit, or use them to go swimming in. You don’t need to spend a fortune for something that will see a lot of outside time during the summer.

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