Buying Lingerie for the Plus Size Lady

by Patti | September 29th, 2009 | Fashion, Women's Fashion

lingeriePlus size women are classified as bigger boned ladies who have thicker frames. Not all clothing companies agree on what plus sizes are. Some classify plus sizes as 14 and up, while others classify them as 16 and up. Still others consider plus sizes to begin at 18.

The foundation for every great looking ensemble starts with the right set of undergarments. In fact, undergarments often do not get the attention they deserve. They are often what can make or break an outfit that is otherwise very striking.

It took a long time before clothing manufacturers finally realized that all women are not a size eight or a size six (or smaller!). The selection of undergarments for the curvaceous woman is greatly improved over what it used to be. Just take a look at any lingerie store, and you will see for yourself. There is no shame in being a plus size woman, and the array of attractive lingerie is beginning to reflect that.

A good base for your lingerie is a collection of a few good bra and panty sets. Buy two or three, so you always have a variety to choose from when you get dressed. Matching sets are nice but are not always practical, affordable or even necessary. You could buy colors that are the same shade but different hues. Always watch for sales, as lingerie can get expensive if you are not paying close enough attention! If you absolutely must have at least one matching set, then buy black, nude or another neutral color. Every lady (plus size and otherwise) needs a seamless bra and panty, set so make sure you add that to your shopping list.

Camisoles (often abbreviated to camis) are an essential and indeed versatile part of your lingerie collection. Camisoles work well with a half slip when you are planning to wear a blouse and skirt. They can work well with a dress for extra coverage, if you do not wish to wear a full slip. Some camisoles can double as tops that can be worn under a jacket for an evening out. You can never own too many camisoles! Buy white, black and beige to start.

Hosiery (or pantyhose, if you prefer) is another lingerie staple for plus size ladies. For daytime wear black, nightshade and nude colors. When you go out at night, however, reach for nude sheer hose or black sheers.

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